Destination Wedding Services

    This will explain my Professional Fees

    Destination Wedding Group Services


    Getting married away is becoming more and more popular for several reasons:

    • It is less costly than a traditional marriage for the bride and groom 
    • It allows you to spend several days, rather than a few hours, with friends and family 
    • It takes much of the stress out of the planning 
    • It combines your honeymoon and your wedding in an idyllic setting


    Where do you start planning your trip of a lifetime?  

    •  By working with Prestige Travel by Sharon, of course!

    Why work with Prestige Travel by Sharon?

    • I have planned several destination weddings and honeymoon
    •           I take my clients and my business seriously
    • While we are a small business who CARES about your wedding and making sure it is the best experience for you and your friends and family, we are also affiliated with a multibillion-dollar global travel marketing organization that has a network of 5,700 independent travel agencies with a long standing relationships with top suppliers in every travel segment, translating to some of the largest buying power in the industry
    • I hold several certifications and destination specialist courses
    • We have a large network of contacts both locally and abroad who specialize in products and services, especially for wedding couples


    We’re here for you – before, during and after your trip providing: 

    • Emergency service 24/7
    • Before, during and aftertravel resolution assistance on those occasions something should go awry – Hurricanes, Pandemics, airport shutdown/delays, etc
    • Financial Protection - money paid to Prestige Travel by Sharon, is protected because we are registered through TICO, Ontario’s Provincial Travel Industry Act enforcers
    • Resources - we use many resources over and above the internet such as: travel courses and seminars, familiarization trips, clients’ reports, tourist board information, supplier opinions and reports from governments, travel advisory firms and even supplier competitors 


    Is using a travel professional more costly than researching your own trip on the internet? 

    • The Internet is terrific for research, but beware of photos that misrepresent, websites that misrepresent and sell travel without the human touch, leave you on your own to figure it out, with nobody to reach out to. should anything go wrong, this can result in a very costly mistake and a subpar vacation experience.


    Here’s how our services provide a carefree wedding: 

    • We’ll create your own private page on our website just for your guests highlighting travel details, including photos of you and your fiancé, the hotel or ship, trip pricing and how to book   
    • We’ll inform you of the country’s marriage legalities, rules, regulations, and any documentation requirements, including translations
    • Insurance discussion with each of your guests to make sure their health and investment is protected
    • We’ll make sure you and your guest have the correct travel requirements (How to obtain passports, visas and tourist cards, Single parent/guardian travel requirements, Health requirements such as:  Vaccines, antimalaria/diarrhea, Security issues
    • Advise on any Travel advisories and specific entry requirements for your destination, along with re-entry to Canada requirements
    • OnSite Wedding Coordination Liaison – We’ll connect you with the onsite coordinator and help ensure smooth communication for services such as flowers, photography, décor, etc.


    What are some of the benefits to travelling as a group? 

    • The biggest one besides the camaraderie – as the bride and groom you can often travel at discount (sometimes free) and your guests will receive discounts and group benefits as well
    • We know the best tour operator/cruise ship group promotions
    • We’ll negotiate your group contracts to ensure your friends and family can actually get there and not face a soldout situation 
    • Making sure payment deadlines are met so you can plan with your coordinator based on an accurate guest count (we'll update you regularly on your rooming list)
    • All participants are coordinated, have the correct documentation & insurance

    What is this expertise going to cost you?  


    Our research, group coordination & consulting fee is $300 & HST, payable after we’ve had our initial zoom consultation and we feel we are a right fit to work together.

    Please schedule your zoom consultation using our CALENDAR(click here) – we look forward to work



     Guideline of Cancellation Fee Charges: (This fee will only be charged when you cancel, not before)

    1. Cancellation of a Package Reservation - $100.00 for each booking
    2. Cancellation of a Cruise Reservation - $100.00 for each booking
    3. Cancellation of a Flight Reservation - $50.00 for each reservation.
    4. Cancellation of an Ancillary Travel Service reservation - $50.00 per reservation
    5. Cancellation of a Customized Reservation / A fee equal to 20% of the full price payable on the reservation but excluding the price of the main international flights where these are shown separately on the itinerary. The fee payable for the cancellation of Flight Reservations (as shown above) shall apply to the cancellation of those flights.
    6. Cancellation of an Insurance Policy - $50.00 for each person covered under the policy

    HST will be added to each Fee charged 

     *NOTE* Should you purchase insurance through our provider, Manulife travel insurance, these fees can be submitted as part of your overall claim in the event of cancellation. If you have secured your own travel insurance, terms may vary based on the coverage of the insurance provider. I recommend checking with them directly.

    Should your travel plans be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, whether at your request or for any other reason, a cancellation service fee will be charged to your credit card (or your preferred payment method) at the time of cancellation. These fees are in addition to any penalties imposed by supplier(s)/tour operator(s). The cancellation service fee(s) details have been included in this form.

    *These fees are in addition to any penalties imposed by the supplier(s)/tour operator(s).