Professional Fees - Why it's important to work with an agent!

    This will explain my Professional Fees

    Most of us get so little time to relax, explore or have an adventure, I know the importance of making every minute special. It is always my goal to plan and book YOUR perfect vacation.


    If you have never used a travel agent, you may be like a lot of people and think…

    Why should I book through a travel agent when I can book the trip myself online?


    There are so many reasons, but I will let you know about a few of the best!


    •       I might be able to save you MONEY as I will have access to deals and exclusive offers that are not available online, more importantly I am going to ensure you get the BEST experience! With my trusted suppliers you know you will not end up in the basement closet.
    •     I can save YOU time and effort. If you have ever tried to book your vacation, you know how many hours can slip by just trying to sift through the information online. It can be overwhelming even for the most experienced travelers! Let me do it with you or for you, your choice!
    •         The responsibility is on ME, not YOU! It is my job to ensure that all the t’s are crossed, and the i’s are dotted. It is a worry-free way to book the vacation of your dreams!
    •       If something goes wrong (cue COVID-19 and a global pandemic) you have me to take care of you and your travel investment; I always have my clients back! I cancel trips, deal with insurance, get you your refund or travel credit. If you are already overseas, I will work to bring you home!



    ****But I see you charge fees. Why should I pay you a fee?!****


    Why trust the few precious weeks a year you get to travel to an online booking engine!? One small mistake and your dream vacation can turn into a nightmare. Especially in a world with COVID-19 and post COVID-19. Where travel restrictions, entry requirements, and insurance policies are changing daily – leave it to me to keep track of it all!


    The fees I charge compensate me for my time, experience, and professionalism. Trust me, I am worth the fee I charge. You will not be disappointed. The fee also makes sure I am focusing my time on clients who have intentions to book with me.


    But hey, I understand some travelers love spending hours upon hours sorting through the plethora of information online or they want to save every penny possible (I have been there!), so working with an agent may not be for you! But if you think we are a good fit I would love to hear about your vacation dreams. Go to the next tab to see a breakdown of my fees and the value I can add to your trip.


    About my fees

    Hello and thank you for reaching out to learn a little bit more about our services!  I wanted to take a moment to explain the process of working with Prestige Travel with Sharon to plan your vacation.  You will receive the benefit of our knowledge, service, expertise, and we are there for you throughout the entire trip from the research and planning, through to getting you home, in case there are any speed bumps along the way.


    We find out all about you, your travel history, must haves, nice to haves, food allergies, mobility restrictions, etc to accurately understand exactly what you are looking for and match you with the perfect destination, resort, and local experiences. We will have lots of questions for you, and your answers will help us match you to the right experience. There are thousands of destinations, hotels, and resorts out there, and we absolutely love helping you select the best options for you.


    In terms of what we can offer that you cannot find online - the key factors are expertise, service, value, and knowledge. 


    Due to the nature of travel in the new era, in order to enter into a research and travel management agreement with our clients - after a complimentary zoom or telephone consultation - our professional fees will be collected up-front, starting from:

    Flights only: $40 +HST per trip

    All Inclusive holiday and cruises: $75 +HST per trip

    Groups and Destination Weddings: $300+HST per group

    This professional fee includes researching and recommending the best destinations and properties that would work for you as well as recommending the most suitable insurance policy for your needs. Most importantly, we also help navigate the ever-changing rules to travel, along with the latest updates and terms and conditions from the tour operators and the resorts, and the entry requirements per destination. We will also assist in highlighting the cancellation/change policies with each tour operator, resort, and country.


    Please check out our CALENDAR to connect with me for a complimentary zoom consultation! 

    *I do not do domestic air, or to the south, or hotels. Only international air and hotel. Unless the air and hotel are part of a tour, cruise, river cruise, pre or post hotel.



    - Above fees are per trip for 2 people or a single family of 4 in CDN$. Trip length includes days in transit. (No fees for children 21 and younger travelling with adults)

    - If combining two or more destinations, the planning fee will be higher.  

    - For trips of 25 days or longer, may be higher, so please contact me for an exact quote.

    - Professional fees are non-refundable. If the client decides not to proceed with the proposed itinerary, the fee will not be refunded.

    What is included in the fee?

     • Private consultation to determine your vacation wants and needs via Zoom or telephone

    • 100% custom-tailored trip itinerary based on your individual interests and budget

    • Assistance with choosing a destination(s), lodging, transportation, and local activities – I will present you three proposals to review with unlimited revisions on trip itineraries

    • Booking and reconfirmation of all travel components

    • Full access, via phone and e-mail, to Sharon Simmonds, Certified Travel Counsellor

    • Peace of mind before and while traveling with 24/7 back-up assistance available

    • Post trip follow up


     *NOTE* Should you purchase insurance through our provider, Manulife travel insurance, these fees can be submitted as part of your overall claim in the event of cancellation. If you have secured your own travel insurance, terms may vary based on the coverage of the insurance provider. I recommend checking with them directly.